How to Uninstall AVG PC Tuneup?

Aside from giving productive antivirus security against a large portion of the hurtful infection dangers, AVG antivirus gives fantastic PC Tuneup administrations. These administrations are exceptionally useful in keeping your PC quick and mistake free. PC Tuneup administrations incorporate upkeep, speedup, settle issues and Registry cleaner. AVG PC Tuneup arranges for your circle space as well as augments the battery life of your framework. It additionally accelerates your PC and make it as quick as another PC.

However at times we need to uninstall AVG antivirus furthermore the AVG PC Tuneup a portion of it. Perused further to figure out how to uninstall AVG PC Tuneup. You can likewise counsel the specialists of our AVG Technical Support for a point by point direction on this subject.


Open AVG PC Tuneup application

Right tap on the symbol of AVG PC Tuneup and in the rundown of choices, select Properties. In the Tuneup Properties window, select Find Target choice and tap on OK.

Locate Setup/Uninstall application for Tuneup

In the AVG PC Tuneup envelope, press the U catch on the console to rapidly find and dispatch “UninstallManager.exe” application. In the AVG Uninstall Manager, right tap on the “AVG PC Tuneup” and select the “Uninstall” choice. You can likewise press Ctrl and U on the console to continue with the uninstallation procedure.

Wait for the Uninstallation of AVG PC Tuneup

In the Uninstallation window tap on “Yes” choice to evacuate the AVG PC Tuneup programs from the PC. Hold up as the uninstallation procedure is occurring.

Reboot the System

Once the uninstallation process is over, restart the system.

Search and Remove AVG Tuneup remains in system

Locate AVG Tuneup remains in the computer and remove it. Similarly open registry folder and delete

In this way, you will be able to uninstall AVG PC Tuneup from your computer. For any issue or query regarding AVG antivirus, please our contact AVG Antivirus Support Phone Number 1-800-243-0051


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