Malware: Stay Beware!

Sometimes we really wish that world were all white and no black, all good and no bad, and so on so forth. The worst place where even imagining this is impossible is the Cyber World. It’s true that we all have our own moment of mischief here when we create face profiles, assume pseudonyms, publish fake pictures and indulge with wrong guys and gals for brief (and sometimes long period), but this doesn’t mean that anyone should be hurt for any reason or for no reason at all for that matter.


What can be more synonymous to this emotion than the proliferating infectious digital creature of the virtual world: malware!

Malware: Know and better understand them!

Simple and mathematical representation of the term could be-

“mal” (from malicious)+ “ware” (from software)= malware

The term malicious is supposed to be all-inclusive for any intention that in any way harms the end user, specifically when he is trying to get a file or software for his purpose which is in reality coded for illegal or unwanted activity, which is performed either on your system or your network without your knowledge or consent. Malware removal tool can be your only hope!

What all the malware refers to?

Being a very broad term, malware is often confused with virus, worms or Trojans. Every program that is known to wreak havoc is a malware. The three mentioned above along with many others fall inside the universal set of malware. It means Virus, Trojan, Worm, Rootkit, Backdoor, Spyware, Adware and Wabbits are all types of malware.

Eye-openers: Some malware facts
  • Malware are often sold as fake software or attached in a file or freeware.
  • They get installed without any acknowledgement (and that is to be expected, isn’t it?).
  • They are very difficult to remove because they are difficult to identify, even with authentic anti-malware.
  • They are creation of expert-yet-black minds that target on your personal as well as other confidential data.
  • The best one could do is to stay prepared for with the best available brands of malware removal software in the market and get used to safe surfing habit (as most of the malware get downloaded unconsciously)
How do you know that your system has got one (or many of them)?

The signs include:

  • Slow PC
  • Missing files
  • Content of the files corrupted
  • Untimely Pop-ups
  • Hard-drive showing full occupancy
  • Files not opening
  • Too much time while booting
  • Slow internet
  • Change appearance of homepage

By knowing these tips and their countermeasures, you can keep yourself safe from the Malware who are keeping their eye on your computer. If you are not able to take these countermeasures, then you can contact online AVG internet security experts by dialling AVG malware removal support number +1 800-243-0051.


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