Next Generation Firewalls for the Complete Security of Your Network

As soon as you connect your network to the internet, it is opened to viruses, malware and other malicious stuff. As all the organizations, whether big or small, in modern times rely on computers for their small to big operations, not taking the care of your network security can put the integrity of your data at stake.  So your only options here are a powerful anti malware and advanced firewall.


Focusing on the use of firewall, you can keep your network secured from innumerable malicious attacks.

A firewall successfully filters out all the interaction between the systems of your organization, thus effectively stopping hackers and viruses from accessing your system.

Further, it can also be programmed so that the employees of your organization cannot transfer important information out of the office network. By installing a firewall, you ensure the security of your computer for a long term.

And here comes the Next Generation Firewalls.

Modern organizations require an elaborate network security set-up to make sure that their network is completely safe against any type of internet threat. Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) have been designed to serve this purpose. They combine in them the features of traditional firewalls, like filtering of packets and Network Address Translation (NAT) as well as some advanced features like stopping network intrusion, deep scanning of packets and other important features not possessed by the traditional firewalls.

Two shortcomings that make traditional firewalls outdated are:

  • Inability to check the data payload of packets on the network.
  • Not being able to differentiate between one type of network traffic from the other.

NGFWs by overcoming both the pitfalls thus provide complete network security. However, what makes them really superior is their understanding of various applications. This means that they can identify web applications as well as other applications by their own techniques. They are able to filter web traffic by means of customized application and do not open ports for this unlike the traditional firewalls. In this way, they are able to recognize and prevent malicious stuff on the net, consequently preventing your business from becoming a casualty of cyber fraud.

Using next Generation Firewalls can guarantee network security against every malicious threat for a long run. By checking all the incoming and outgoing web traffic, NGFWs prevent any kind of damage to your network.

Also, it is high time for businesses   to make use of IPV6 firewall to ensure the security of their network, as this will be very important when the present internet addressing system moves from IPV4 to IPV6. You can even call Firewall Support to better understand the topic or in case of any particular Firewall problem in your network.

Get Malware support with AVG Malware Protection. Users can contact by dialing Avg antivirus support number toll free +1-800-243-0051.


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