Telltale signs of malware in computer

While browsing and downloading program from internet has become less troublesome and more common, cyber world has become more active with methods of infecting computers and laptops for various reasons. Despite following many precautions to keep the machine safe from such malicious activities, users cannot avoid downloading malicious program that are (hidden) attached with files and program.

Your system might have become the resident of such malicious program without your knowledge. Here are the most common signs of malware in computer:

1) Poor performance while working:

Slow computer processing or constant freezing of the screen could be a sign of malware attack.

2) Restart in the middle of a running program:

Auto restart while working on some program is a sign that the computer needs to be checked for malware.

3) Pop-ups of links on offline mode

If you get constantly disturbed by pop-ups directing to some links, then it is a sign that your system has been hacked.

4) Unnecessary re-directs:

Redirecting of page occurs while browsing the internet occurs when the system is facing virus or other form of malicious activity.

5) Security warning:

The antivirus software is report to the user against any security issues it detects in the system.


What to do when signs are proof of malware

  • Scan the computer.
  • If you do not have installed software get one.
  • Reboot the computer into safe mode.
  • Delete temporary files.

Preventive measures against malware

  • Use effective security software.
  • Avoid opening attachment of spam emails.
  • Do not click on pop-up links.
  • Browsing through unsecured website can also infect your system.
  • Scan any external device before transferring files and folders.

Protecting the machine that works as your window to the world is very important. If you want to know more about computer security you can speak with our experts by dialing Avg antivirus support phone number +1800-243-0051 .


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