Too Much Protection Antivirus and Firewall for Your System… Isn’t a Good Idea!

Have you bitten your nails thinking about some virus attacking your system?

Are you wondering to install more than 2 Antivirus or firewall on your system in this mortal fear?

Such ideas are bound to ring in the heads when news of one virus attack here, one malware attack there keep on coming from all corners of the technology world. It would do a world of good to the worried souls if they are guided on this topic.

We had already been trying to get the real picture of the Antivirus industry (if they are dead or not) and the position of the user amid all the fuss. Now that we know that antivirus software is not going to go anywhere (at least as a ‘warning-issuer’), we should try to understand what happens when two or more similar programs run simultaneously.

Then (in 1990s) and Now (In 2000s)!

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Early antivirus products were designed to serve only as the name they were given: as antivirus. Now very few of them remain on the same footing as their upgraded competition. Antivirus are today not functioning as merely ‘antivirus’, but effectively acting as:

  • Complete Anti-malware (Taking care of not just Virus, but other malware),
  • Firewalls (Protection layer to not allow anything malicious enters from the network to the system or another network)
  • Virtualization (Network resource which updates automatically, giving protection from the latest malware)
  • Heuristics (Program that looks for some behavioral patterns of codes)
  • Sandboxes (execute untested programs / files / code)

When most of the full version antivirus (or anti-malware to be exact) have such definitions, it is really not difficult to imagine what two of them would do in a system.

What happens when 2 such software exist in one computer?

When 2 complicated software with almost similar functionality are forced upon computer, conflict is natural which leads to-

  • Slow down the system tremendously
  • Frequent ‘hanging’
  • False positive (showing ‘harmless’ files as potential threat)
  • Unstable system

Many modern software brands are designed in a way to not get installed in the first place if another antivirus brand is already in place.


AVG antivirus program coupled with an effective firewall can give the best protection that a system can be equipped with. One can do the scanning and removing of malware (virus included); the other can take care of what is entering through the network. To keep out hackers, viruses, and worms, this combined protection is ideal, and observed to give best result.

If you are reading this blog, you probably have already created the reason of conflict in your system and now looking for an answer. First thing first, keep the bset antivirus like AVG and uninstall the other. It would do a world of good to your computer! Contact at Avg antivirus support phonen number +1-800-243-0051, if you have any query regarding Avg and other malware related issues.


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