How to Remove Auto-Run Virus – Avg Antivirus Support?

AutoRun is a conventional feature in Windows operating systems that facilitates external media like the USB Devices, Memory Sticks, DVDs, and CD-ROM etc. to start on with the programs stored in them automatically. AutoRun is a type of virus that engraves itself along with the external flash drives connected with the user’s computer. Autorun.inf is a file which is present in the main directory of the USB Device or CD ROM. It includes a list of commands that get executed as soon as the media is inserted into the drives of the PC.

Users generally confuse AutoRun with AutoPlay, a feature which is present in Windows XP. But this is not the real concern; concern for the user is the knowledge and awareness of the topic. Hackers are trying to exploit the widespread recognition of the term “Autorun” associated by the widespread use of external drives by having developed a virus by the same name. . This kind of virus has same impact like all other viruses from spying on computer to finishing with destroying your data.


Every time you open a removable drive or your internal hard drive, the autorun.inf virus starts to execute. It infects one after the other drive. This slows down your PC performance and functioning. It might also allow admission to malicious site and install key logger in your system. The key logger could expose your confidential information like bank account passwords, social media passwords etc.

Autorun.inf file appears as system file that is read-only and hidden. The virus also disables the folder option. This is methodically done by the virus to defend itself. Removing this virus is essential since if it is kept for long, it might affect your sensitive information and allow malicious files to attack your system.

Guide to Delete/Remove.inf Virus from USB or Hard Disk Drives in Windows Using Command Prompt:

Open command prompt in your PC. (Press Windows + R. type cmd and press ENTER).

A window appears on your desktop. Type “cd\” (without inverted commas). The parent directory of C:\ drive would appear.

Then, type atttrib -h -r -s autorun.inf and press enter.

After that, type del autorun.inf and press enter.

Repeat the same methods with other drives i.e D:/, E:/, etc.

Then, reboot your computer

After following these steps, you’ll be able to get rid of Auto-Run virus. Even then, if you face any further difficulties, get in touch with our 24*7 Avg Customer Service by dialing avg antivirus support phone number +1-800-243-0051.


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