How to Remove PowerOffHijack Malware From Android?

PowerOffHijack, another newbie in the list of Malware. It was exposed by the researchers from AVG, which has the ability hijacks your phone when you believe you have switched it off.

The researchers named it “PowerOffHijack” because of its ability to hijacks the shutdown process of user’s mobile phone.

How it works?


The malware after entering in your Android device and hijacks its shut down process. When the user press the switch off button, a replica dialog box is presented in front of screen and a fake shutdown animated process is displayed.

When the users switch off the device, it’s not actually switched off. In fact, it is allowing the hijackers to do whatever they want to do behind a black screen in the device be it taking pictures or making spam calls.

So far who all are infected?


Till date, this Malware has affected the versions of android up to 5.0 Lollipop. Apart from that, minimum 10,000 installations have been tracked. It enters in an Android device through third party apps stores. Therefore, it is always recommended to download apps from Google Play store only.

Below mentioned are some of the preventive measures that needs to be applied

  • Remove malicious, untrusted and useless apps from your Android device
  • Make sure you have a good anti-virus installed and updated on your mobile devices
  • Do not install apps from 3rd Party app stores
  • Remove your battery altogether if you want to ensure that your Android phone is really turned off

Let’s wait and watch what android makers will do in order to make it safe and secure. Till then keep an eye on our blog.  Dial Avg Antivirus Support Phone number 1-800-243-0051 with antivirus issues your should get in touch with dedicated technicians working on Avg Technical support.




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